French Vanilla

One of the true angels in this book is an enchanting avatar named Vanilla Titanium, first encountered at the Savoy Truffle having a drink with her fellow Code Warriors. Described as “a rare, exotic beauty of French and African design with a dash of Mongol code thrown into the mix…,” she is a founding member of the Daughters of the Sun, a troupe whose luminous dance performances were predetermined by the graphic coordinates of the wind, and could blow through a village at any time of day or night like a flock of magical faeries.

The soulmate of Manhattan Atlas and the closest friend of Chrome’s mercurial muse, Juliette Q45, she is, in many ways, the conscience of the Code Warriors. Where there is doubt or confusion, Vanilla steps in to fill the void. Possessing a deep and abiding air of calm, she invariably poses the most penetrating and incisive questions, providing a much-needed balance in fluid situations. More than any other member, she keeps the tribe on track in dangerous times.

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