Butterflies Dreaming

From Runtime Zero:

“Then one fateful summer eve, on their way home from Provincetown, he and Ave Maria dropped some Sunshine on the hallowed lawns of Harvard Yard (a touchstone in the culture of consciousness still under the luminous spell of Dr. Timothy Leary, who was by then a major constellation in the midnight sky), and time—time itself—began to melt like Dalí’s clock, morphing into something infinitely more erotic and exotic than the endless shuffling from one moment to another in the world they’d left behind. They were starborn, traveling light-years together beneath the trees, soaring from one breath to another, pressed hard against the soft green surface of the earth, butterflies dreaming.”

Welcome to SubVersa

My new novel, Runtime Zero, is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle ebook formats. The first installment of a neo-cyberpunk series called the Dark Math Chronicles, it’s been hailed by noted author Alan Kaufman as “sandpaper prose to scrape the cheap paint off your mind,” and described as “spontaneous bebop prosody for the 21st Century,” by Albuquerque Journal editor Bruce Daniels. It’s a mind-bending psy-fi adventure for an increasingly digitized world.

The book traces the journey of a gifted young artist named Will Powers from his drug-fueled downfall in the streets of Manhattan to a future rebirth in a virtual paradise called SubVersa—a world where everything is possible and nothing is forbidden; where Chrome, his digital surrogate, finally lives out his maker’s dream of becoming a master artist and in the process becomes a master programmer—a Code Warrior. Read More …